West Woodland Neighborhood Reports: Ballard's Weekend Food for Kids program gets a Boost from Local School's PTA

It's a win, win for Ballard Food Bank and their Weekend Food for Kids program Feed Washington helps to fund for 129 kids across 8 Ballard schools! The West Woodland Neighborhood in Ballard put out this newsletter article (below) highlighting the West Woodland Elementary PTA's decision to partner with Ballard Food Bank (BFB). BFB not only supports the community at large, but also funds and runs their Weekend Food for Kids program, so support for the BFB is also a win for the Weekend Kids' program!

We applaud any effort a school makes to support their own students in need of a little help. This makes fundraising and food drives so much more meaningful for the participants and greatly encourages participation. So, have a look at this short but informative article about neighbors helping neighbors in Ballard.

And if you'd like to support the Ballard schools, including West Woodland Elementary, through Feed Washington, we would love to invite you to join us in helping to fund the program so no child has to go hungry over the weekend in Ballard. 100% of your donations to Feed Washington go directly to BFB for their Weekend Food for Kids' program each month.


Reprint of Article as published by West Woodland Neighborhood Newsletter:

West Woodland Elementary PTA Partners with Ballard Food Bank

Blog 2.10.17Photo Credit: Sue Pierce

On Tuesday, January 24, West Woodland Elementary Parent Teacher Association (PTA) announced a partnership between West Woodland Elementary School and the Ballard Food Bank.

Neighbors who are interested in participating in the partnership are encouraged to drop-off donation items at the schools front office, 5601 4th Ave NW.  A list of requested items is in the statement below.  Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with questions.

Statement from the West Woodland Elementary PTA:

“As this cold winter rolls through the needs of our neighbors continue to rise. Ballard Food Bank distributes food to over 1,200 individuals per week. They also provide weekend food for over 200 kids in our public schools in the Ballard, Magnolia and Queen Anne zip codes. The mission of the food bank is to provide food and hope for our neighbors because there can be enough for everyone. Often clients who are homeless (19%), seniors/older adults (26%) and children (18%) need help making ends meet.

Many families at West Woodland express interest in opportunities to keep their children engaged in community service, and we hope this will be an especially meaningful way for our families and students to get involved with a well respected organization providing for our neighbors. We will host winter and spring drives that kids can lead and help to make successful.

As a part of our West Woodland Social initiatives, we will be SPREADING THE LOVE with an all-school community service social on Monday, February 13th at 6:30pm to kick off this partnership. All students, siblings and families are encouraged to come to the school that evening to work together creating kits from the items donated to give to the food bank. We hope it will be a great opportunity not only to give to our neighbors but also to get to know other families within our school community!

Starting January 23rd , we will be collecting items for a Winter Preparedness Kit. Please considering donating some of the following items to help out with our efforts…

Winter Preparedness Kit
Hand Warmers
Emergency Blanket (mylar)

You can drop off donated items in the large marked boxes conveniently located around the school. Boxes are located upstairs – in front of the front office, downstairs – by the library and choir room and downstairs – in the hallway leading to the middle doors to the playground.

Our PTA, teachers, administration and Ballard Food Bank staff are so excited for this opportunity to get our community involved in reaching out and supporting our neighbors in need."

Thank you for your support!
Best regards,
Ashley Wilson Oster and Carrie Schneider”