"We were at Whole Foods. Now we're at the food bank..."

Ever heard the mantra, "There but for the grace of God, go I"?  It is never truer than in the lives of the family depicted in this short video by Feeding America. 

Nikki and Bill represent how so many families end up needing a helping hand with food. Good jobs, retirement, savings - they had it all. They were even involved with volunteers at the local food bank. People just like you, just like me. 

Then, a few unfortunate events occur one after the other and suddenly, they find themselves the one in need instead of filling the need for others. It can happen to anyone.

Many of the children Feed Washington provides the funds to help are from families in situations just like this. It's our mission to see the non-hungry adults in our communities provide for the hungry children who can't provide for themselves. Thank you to so many who are helping us do this important work!