The Importance of Good Nutrition

In the first three years of a child’s life, good nutrition is essential in establishing and maintaining a foundation that has implications on a child’s future physical and mental health as well as academic achievement. Insufficient nutrition puts children at risk for illness and weakens their immune system. The immature immune systems of young children ages 0 – 5, make them especially vulnerable to nutritional deprivation and as a result, the ability to learn, grow, and fight infections is adversely affected. Without proper nutrition children are at risk for poor health and hospitalization. The lack of adequate nutrition affects the cognitive and behavioral development of children. These hungry children often suffer from irritability, fatigue and difficulty concentrating. The impact this has on a child’s health is astounding. Research shows that food insecurity is associated with the following: - grade repetition - absenteeism - tardiness - anxiety - aggression - poor mathematics scores - psychosocial dysfunction - difficulty with social interaction among 6 to 12 year old children - suicide and depressive disorders among 15 to 16 year old children Feed Washington is a relief organization in Washington that strives to end hunger in our state. Your charitable donations benefit hungry children in Washington. For more information and to get involved please consider a small monthly donation. The individual amount doesn’t matter; it’s the collective impact that is important.

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