Summer: The Peak Season for Childhood Hunger

According to the Seattle Public School Schedule, June 22 is the last day of school. It will also be the last day that nearly 1 in 4 children in Washington State will receive a school breakfast and lunch – their only regular meals. That means that instead of enjoying their summer vacation, almost 25% of the children in our own backyard risk going to bed hungry each night. Deprived of regular meals, these children face a summer of eating what they can, when they can and wondering when their next meal will be. That’s no way for any child to spend a summer. Yes, June 22 is several weeks away, but now’s the time to get proactive about helping to end summer hunger.

And it’s so easy:

  • Donate to your local food bank
  • Start a neighborhood food drive
  • Participate in your local summer food program
  • Talk to friends and family to spread awareness
  • Become a Feed Washington donor

Anyone can help. Any amount helps. These hungry children aren’t asking for new sports equipment or money for summer camp – they just need regular nutritious meals like the rest of their friends and classmates.

Let’s pull together to end summer hunger in Washington State. We can help these hungry children focus on enjoying their summer time off instead of worrying about food.

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