Summer Meals Program Picks Up Where School Meal Programs Leave Off

Find WA State Summer Meals.jpegNow that school is out for the summer, a few concerned donors have asked what the kids involved in our school-integrated backpack programs will do for food this summer now that they are not receiving Free/Reduced Meals or weekend food packs at school. While some local food relief agencies, like Ballard Food Bank, partner within the community to provide summer food for kids, The Washington State Summer Food Service Program also provides free meals to kids.

The WA Summer Food Service Program picks up where school meal programs leave off in June, providing free meals and snacks to kids age 18 and under all summer long.  All kids are welcome, and some sites even allow adults to purchase a meal, at a very low cost, as well.  There are NO forms to fill out. NO proof of income, address or citizenship is ever required. Children literally just show up at the specified place and time and they get a free meal or snack. There's even a handy Resource Finder where you input your zip code and get a list of the places nearest you to get a free meal, dates and times of service provided. There are summer meal sites listed in the Juanita area of Kirkland, Bellevue, Issaquah, Seattle-Ballard and many more...

No food insecure child should have to go hungry in Washington state, no matter the time of year, and thanks to programs like these, they don't have to. Thank you to all of our donors who give to help the hungry kids right in your local area. With the Feed Washington model of one neighborhood, one school, one child at a time, you are truly helping your very own neighbors!