LWSD Educator, "She told me...she doesn't have very much food at home."

We love hearing stories from the true heroes on the "Frontlines" of LWSD about how the Pantry Packs program we help fund is making a real difference in a student's life! Thank you Feed Washington donors for making moments like these possible!

This note was originially shared by Hopelink Pantry Packs on their Facebook page:

A Note from a LWSD Staff Member about Pantry Packs:

Every week when one of my students receives her pantry pack, she is both surprised and excited. On Friday she told me that it was so great to get this food because she does not have very much food at home. A little later, she opened the bag and saw a can of either soup or beans (can't remember which one) and ran up to me so happy because she could not believe someone knew it was her favorite.

I just want to thank everyone involved with the pantry packs. I keep tearing up when I think about how happy it is making my student. What all of the volunteers are doing is amazing.