Seattle Pi Reports Food Insecurity across King County

Reprint of Seattle PI article:

Hungry families: Seattle communities ranked by food insecurity

Published 6:10 pm, Monday, April 3, 2017


 Blog 4.5.17Photo Credit: Seattle PI

It might seem like a set up for a punchline, the starving American. Unsated hunger is not what this country is known for these days.

And yet about 1-in-8 Washington residents has gone hungry in the past year for lack of food and money.

The situation is better in the Seattle area, but only slightly. About 12 percent of King County residents report experiencing “food insecurity” – having run out of food and not been able to buy more. That’s just a percentage point below the state average. 

Check out the gallery above (at this link) for a look at how King County communities compare, according to statistics compiled by Public Health – Seattle & King County.