Redmond High School - Pantry Packs and gift card/food drive helps their students in need

This is a repost of an amazing letter that went out to Redmond High School (RHS) families on 12/14/2016 from the school principal regarding the community response to benefit their own students in need. RHS is part of the Lake Washington School District (LWSD) served by the Hopelink Pantry Packs program to whom Feed Washington provides funding.
 Dear RHS Families:
In the eleven years I have had the pleasure and good fortune to serve as your Principal, I have frequently been astounded by the incredible generosity and compassion shown by our community. It is, however, a somewhat unusual experience for me to be having to pass out Kleenex, not only to mop up my own tears, but to do so to assist our counselors, administrators and office staff with their own repairs. We who have been able to witness the caring of our families first hand this December have been literally struck speechless (a rare occurrence for some of us) and moved to those tears as gift card after gift card came through the door in response to our request for help for families in need.
At the time of this message, we have been given 570 gift cards in denominations ranging from $10.00 to $50.00, for a total of $14,250!!! We are going to be able to give cards to every student who received Pantry Packs, every student who participated in Operation School Bell this last fall, and every other student who we know is in need, including a homeless student we admitted just yesterday. And we will be able to reserve some cards for use throughout the rest of the school year, as we know we will need them.
In addition, and because I know that many of these items came from your kitchen shelves, not directly from the grocery store, I am pleased to tell you that the National Honor Society food drive was a huge success! Mr. Neff’s class was the winner with 425 items donated, but many classes donated 100 or more items, with a total collected in the 1,000’s. The food donated will be used for RHS students and their families during this season and beyond.
From the bottom of our hearts, the Redmond High School PTSA and the Redmond High School staff thank you for caring so much, and for helping us to help all students have what they need to be successful in school. May you and your families enjoy a restful, restoring and peaceful vacation!
Jane Todd
Redmond High School Principal