A Note About the Number of Hungry Students: When we started the original campaign and filmed the video, there were 450 students receiving Pantry Packs. Due to increased awareness and need in the district, since the start of the 2016-17 school year, LWSD Pantry Packs by Hopelink is now serving about 740 students per week.




Thank you for watching this powerful video featuring 32 students from Lake Washington School District and set at Eastlake, Juanita, Lake Washington and Redmond high schools. With your help, we will create a $10,000 monthly, recurring donation stream to end weekend hunger - for good - for the 740 hungry kids in the district. Please Watch, Donate and Share!

Please click on the link below to make a recurring donation. Why do we ask for recurring donations? Because hunger is recurring. As little as $5 a month buys a pack that keeps a child fed during a weekend. It is an amount most of us won't notice each month but it will make a big difference to a hungry child.

2016-17 Campaign Goals: This year, 740 LWSD students are in need of weekend food packs every week. The cost to fully fund this program, which ensures all 740 kids receive the food they need on an ongoing basis, is $120,000 for the year. Our goal this year is to generate, from our donors, a $10,000 monthly, recurring donation stream. A $5 donation provides 1 child, 1 weekend pack of food. A $20 recurring, monthly donation sponsors 1 student all year long!  500 recurring, monthly donors, or 250 Microsoft Employee Give Campaign matching program donors, is all we need to stamp out weekend hunger in the LWSD!

2015-16 Campaign Report: Last year's campaign was a big success! We gained a total of 370 donors who have given $64,000 to date, in recurring and one-time donations. This provided the funds to pay for about two-thirds of the 19,000 packs distributed by Hopelink Pantry Packs to the 650 students served last school year. The official Hopelink Pantry Packs Year-End Report to the Community can be viewed here.

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Additional Information On the Lake Washington School District Campaign

FAQ's: For additional information on this campaign, please click here to go to our FAQ's page. We answer your questions about the donation process, how the money will be used and more.

Program Information: Your donation will benefit the Lake Washington School District Pantry Packs by Hopelink program. For more information on the Pantry Packs program, please click here.