Join the Fight to End Childhood Hunger this Holiday Season

Childhood hunger is a growing problem and over 400,000 children in Washington State go hungry every day. The recession has made a deep mark on Washington families and the number of hungry households has grown nearly 100 percent from 2008. We now rank the 11th hungriest state in the nation.

Feed Washington is committed to fighting hunger in our state. We have successfully provided 12,000 meals and 140,114 fluid ounces of baby formula to families in need this year. We couldn't do this without our generous donors.

This holiday season give a gift that gives back. Nutritious food is the best Christmas gift many Americans could ever hope for. We ask that you get involved and set up a small recurring donation and contribute to the successes of Feed Washington donors.

Let's help our state's kids start the New Year off with their basic necessities taken care of. Eradicating childhood hunger doesn’t require finding a cure. The solution, as we all know, lies simply in applying money to the purchase and distribution of food. Since our State’s hungry kids can’t feed themselves, it is our responsibility to help them until they can. Please join us in ending childhood hunger.

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