Hungry Children Get Cold Too

Cold weather is here. As I put on my coat this morning and got ready to face the chill outside, it hit me – hungry families that can’t afford food probably can’t afford warm coats for their children either.

And that means that the 440,000 hungry children in Washington State are also in danger of going cold this winter. Although we don’t instantly make the connection, it makes sense that these two problems overlap.

Aren’t there programs designed to help?

Yes, but food drives are designed to benefit families, not just children. Most coat drives for kids are geared towards helping foster children, children living in emergency shelters and other children in need.

But families often have to meet certain eligibility requirements to qualify for those coats. And, since many hungry families don’t even qualify for food assistance, those hungry children will also go without a warm coat this winter.

So, what can we do?

Donate to local drives. Food drives may not reach every hungry child, but they make a difference to thousands of families, including their children. And donating even one child’s coat will make a child’s winter much warmer than it would have been without your generosity.

Start your own drive. Almost every neighborhood has cold and hungry children. Reach out to your local K-12 school, community center or public library and find out how you organize a food or coat drive for kids in your area.

Become a Feed Washington donor. We can’t provide warm coats, but we are dedicated to making sure every hungry child in Washington State gets enough to eat. Whether it’s a one-time donation or you set up a small, recurring donation, we’ll work with those on the front lines to make sure it goes to feed hungry children.

However you choose to help, you will make a difference. Let’s help make this a happy holiday for everyone.

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