Feed Washington is Solving Childhood Hunger in Ballard! (and we're coming to your community next!)

Feed Washington is simplifying things and taking a direct route to ending childhood hunger in our state. We're going community by community and school by school, finding the hungry kids in each school, and then creating a recurring donation stream to make sure they have enough to eat every day. Our first stop: Ballard, Washington.

We asked the Ballard Food Bank how many hungry kids there are in the 8 schools in Ballard proper. The answer: 72. 10 at Ballard High School, 39 at Whitman Middle School, 13 at North Beach Elementary, 6 at Salmon Bay School, and 4 at Whittier Elementary. As our program expands to Adams, Loyal Heights and West Woodland Elementary schools, we expect the numbers to increase correspondingly.

We then asked what it will cost to ensure the 72 hungry kids have enough to eat on a monthly basis during the school year. The answer: A recurring donation stream of only $1,850 will give the Ballard Food Bank all it needs to feed the hungry kids in Ballard.

Feed Washington currently has a recurring donation stream of $1,178, so we're only $672 in recurring monthly donations away from solving childhood hunger in Ballard during the school year! Once we're done in Ballard (which should be soon!), we're off to the next community. We need your support to check off Ballard, so please donate today!