Feed Washington Distributes 83,840 Fluid Ounces of Formula to St. Leo's Food Bank!

Hungry children in Washington come in all ages, and the most vulnerable are infants and babies. Your generosity has just made it possible for Feed Washington to donate 320 cans (83,840 fluid ounces) of infant formula to St. Leo’s Food Connection Food Bank in Tacoma.

Serving all of Pierce County for nearly 30 years, the Food Connection is a designated infant feeding site that works hard to supply families in need with infant formula and baby food.  According to Kevin Glackin-Coley, the Director of St. Leo’s Food Connection, “Baby formula is rarely donated and is expensive to purchase; we struggle to have enough on hand.”

With the holidays fast approaching, the need becomes even more poignant as the Food Connection’s stores of infant formula dwindle.  “The donation from Feed Washington is an unexpected and gratefully appreciated blessing, coming as it does at the time of year when our client numbers always increase,” says Glackin-Coley.

To everyone who made this possible – thank you. Again, your donation resulted in a massive distribution of 83,840 fluid ounces of formula that will end up in the bellies of some of our State’s most vulnerable and hungry children.

If you’re new to Feed Washington, or the fight against hunger, we’re asking you to commit to a small, recurring credit card donation in whatever amount you won’t notice on your monthly statement. Whether it’s $1, $5, or more, every dollar counts. Please join us by donating today. Thanks again for your continued support! Eirik Olsen, President/Founder

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