Feed Washington Distributes 71,788 Ounces of Formula to the Snohomish Community Food Bank!

When I started Feed Washington in 2003, a driving force was my desire to feed those who cannot feed themselves. Our most recent distribution of baby formula to the Snohomish Community Food Bank (SCFB), and its Food 2 Go program, is a perfect example of Feed Washington's mission. Food 2 Go provides food to homeless teens and their babies.

While it can be easy to judge these teen mothers and fathers for their reckless behavior, it is impossible for most of us to understand the circumstances that have brought them to their current situation. Regardless, we can't turn our backs on them or their babies. These babies didn't choose their lot and, of course, can't feed themselves. Without proper nourishment, their brains and bodies may not develop properly, thereby putting even more strain on themselves, their parents, and society in the future.

Elizabeth Grant, Executive Director of SCFB, describes the lives of these teens in this way: “Many of the students will live outside when the weather permits, but when it doesn't, these kids will couch surf to and from friends’ houses. One left home because his parents are drug abusers and he chooses not to live that life. Impressive. Seven young ladies were kicked out when they became pregnant, so we feed the child and the child's child. It is a heart-breaking problem, and I am so fortunate to be able to be a part of the solution.”

Feed Washington's delivery of over 70,000 fluid ounces of formula to SCFB will ensure the babies of these homeless teens will, for many months to come, be properly fed. By providing an abundant supply of baby formula we eliminate the risk that the teens will make poor choices such as thinning the formula to save money, or simply not buying formula at all.

Feed Washington, with your help, is fulfilling its mission of providing nourishing food to the most helpless in our State. Please consider sharing this story with your friends and family. One person at a time, and one dollar at a time, we are making a difference.

Thanks again for your continued support!

Eirik Olsen, President/Founder

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