Did you know, There are 650 Hungry Kids in Microsoft's Backyard?

Feed Washington is counting on Microsoft employees to give BIG to feed 650 hungry kids in their own "Backyard" - otherwise known as the Lake Washington School District, with schools surrounding Microsoft's Redmond campus.


Each year, in October, hundreds of nonprofits descend upon the Microsoft Redmond campus with booths and displays as part of a companywide push to get Microsoft employees to give to charities during Microsoft's Employee Giving Month. This year, Feed Washington will be on campus October 10th and October 20th with a campaign hitting very close to home.


Feed Washington's campaign announcing, "There are 650 Hungry Kids in Microsoft's Backyard" is to provide weekend food packs to kids at LWSD schools in Redmond, Kirkland and Sammammish, just minutes from Microsoft. Weekend food packs, combined with federal meal programs students already receive at school during the week, will provide food to these kids 7 days a week, so Microsoft would effectively be putting an end to child hunger in their own neighborhood. 


With Microsoft's 100% matching program, Feed Washington needs just 225 Microsoft employees to donate $20 per month at Microsoft's internal giving portal (http://give) to reach our $9,000 a month goal. This donation stream of $9,000 per month, $108,000 for the year, will fully fund the program and provide weekly food packs to the kids of the LWSD for the entire 2016-17 school year.


MS Map 02


"We have no doubt that when Microsoft employees learn they pass by 650 hungry children at neighborhood schools every day on their way to work, they will want to give and be part of the solution,” said Feed Washington President, Eirik Olsen. “These kids often struggle in school because they aren’t properly fed. We can’t let this happen in one of the most affluent communities in the nation,” says Olsen.


Last October, Feed Washington ran a community-based, social media campaign generating nearly $65,000. Along with our partner, Hopelink Pantry Packs, these funds helped to provide an average of 2,500 weekend packs per month,19,000 for the year, to kids in the LWSD during the 2015-16 school year.  To help us reach our goal this year, please donate and share this campaign with anyone you know affiliated with Microsoft.


Please note: although donations from community members not affiliated with Microsoft will not be matched, community members are still strongly encouraged to support and donate to the campaign here on our website.


Check back here or on our Facebook page for updates on the campaign throughout October!