Coming to School Hungry, Educators speak about hunger in the classroom

"Everyday teachers, principals and staff in schools across the country see children who can't succeed because of hunger. No Kid Hungry set out to learn more through a national survey of educators and a series of focus groups. Our research confirms child hunger is an education issue, one that not only threatens our kids, but our future." This is a quote from Hunger in our Schools, a national research project by the national organization No Kid Hungry. The study gives a compelling inside look at how kids coming to school hungry effects their ability to learn, but better yet, it gives a Real SOLUTION. Yeessss!

Feed Washington is a solution-based organization, so we love to champion projects effecting real change. When Hunger in our Schools identified an increasing number of kids showing up to the classroom hungry, in spite of 94% of schools offering a free breakfast program, their focus quickly became identifying and solving the barriers to kids taking advantage of those very programs.

Is Breakfast the solution?

The changes: Take breakfast out of the cafeteria and instead, serve it in the classroom or as a grab-n-go on the way to the classroom; change breakfast time from before school to the the first 10-15 minutes of the regular school day; make breakfast available to all students who want it, saving those in need the emabarrassment of being singled out.

The means: Reorganize school resources to reflect these changes using the money already allocated for the current breakfast program.

Brilliant! But does it work?

Real Results for Kids

The result: Since 2014, one million more kids in America are eating school breakfast through new in-classroom breakfast programs. 75% of educators with breakfast in the classroom say that the program has been positive for students. 73% saw an improvement in alertness during morning lessons. Elementary school teacher, Margot Shaver, says, "This is the first year we've had a free breakfast program [in the classroom] for all students. Not only are we feeding their physical needs, we're feeding their emotional needs. The light turns on; they're able to function in the classroom."

Real solutions, real change, real results for child hunger - bravo!

From No Kid Hungry on Vimeo.

To watch more videos of the teachers, principals and staff, see the full Hunger in Our Schools story here.

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