Children answer, What Does it Mean to be Hungry?

Out of the mouth of babes - What does it mean to be hungry? What does hunger feel like? These are the questions No Kid Hungry asked of the kids in this short video.

 Here at Feed Washington we think about it like this: with childhood hunger, we have a tremendous opportunity that doesn’t exist with most other societal ills - we don’t have to come up with a cure, invent something, or debate whether or not feeding kids is a good idea. Let’s not hope someone else does it, wait for our politicians to find the will to do it, or ignore it and hope it goes away. Let’s solve childhood hunger, now, and then put our collective attention to the next, most vulnerable group that needs our help.

As we move into the month of August, school will soon be back in session and the backpacks programs we support in Ballard and the Lake Washington School District will be fully operational again. Feed Washington hopes to provide 100% of the funding needed for the 2016-17 school year to provide weekend food packs to the 700+ hungry kids all year long.  We're working hard to plan our annual October campaign to fully fund the LWSD with a $10,000 recurring, monthly donation stream. Then, we hope to move on to expanding our Ballard program.

Feed Washington - solving childhood hunger one neighborhood, one school, one child at a time