Feed Washington is Solving Childhood Hunger in Ballard! (and we're coming to your community next!)

Feed Washington is simplifying things and taking a direct route to ending childhood hunger in our state. We're going community by community and school by school, finding the hungry kids in each school, and then creating a recurring donation stream to make sure they have enough to eat every day. Our first stop: Ballard, Washington.

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Freeganism and Food Waste

"Freegan" is a derivation of ‘vegan’ that’s used to describe people who prefer to forage or dumpster dive for their food. While we'll never feed our state's kids out a dumpster, this article (Warning: the article includes some colorful language). (http://www.seattleglobalist.com/2014/10/16/wasting-food-in-a-hungry-world/29586) does a great job of stating just how much food we waste on a local and global basis. Could we solve childhood hunger just by limiting our food waste?

The Face of Hunger in Washington State in 2013

For many of us, the visual that comes to mind when we think of what hunger looks like, are the pictures that came out of Ethiopia during the famine of the mid-1980's. Those pictures of starving children were dramatic and powerful enough to cause a visceral reaction in each of us, even though we were thousands of miles away. The face of hunger in our State today, admittedly, isn't as provocative as pictures of children with protruding bellies and sunken eyes. Hunger in Washington State in 2013, in fact, looks more like this.

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Hungry Children Get Cold Too

Cold weather is here. As I put on my coat this morning and got ready to face the chill outside, it hit me – hungry families that can’t afford food probably can’t afford warm coats for their children either.

And that means that the 440,000 hungry children in Washington State are also in danger of going cold this winter. Although we don’t instantly make the connection, it makes sense that these two problems overlap.

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Summer: The Peak Season for Childhood Hunger

According to the Seattle Public School Schedule, June 22 is the last day of school. It will also be the last day that nearly 1 in 4 children in Washington State will receive a school breakfast and lunch – their only regular meals. That means that instead of enjoying their summer vacation, almost 25% of the children in our own backyard risk going to bed hungry each night. Deprived of regular meals, these children face a summer of eating what they can, when they can and wondering when their next meal will be. That’s no way for any child to spend a summer. Yes, June 22 is several weeks away, but now’s the time to get proactive about helping to end summer hunger.

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Why Dumpster Diving Won’t Work and What We Can Do About It

As I cleaned out my refrigerator last night, I thought about the recent documentary “Dumpster Diving to Solve Hunger.”

In this segment, HLN news anchor Jane Velez-Mitchel proposes dumpster diving as a viable answer to feeding our nation’s hungry population. Accompanied by a self-proclaimed “freegan,” Velez-Mitchel even demonstrates how to dumpster dive for food and put together a tasty, wholesome meal.

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Feeding Hungry Children: It’s time to GiveBIG

Great news…FeedWashington is participating in the Seattle Foundation’s annual GiveBIG event on May 2, 2012!

An exciting, one-day, online charitable giving event, the Seattle Foundation’s GiveBIG is designed to raise money for more than 1,200 non-profit organizations.  And FeedWashington is pleased to participate.

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Make a Resolution to Help End Childhood Hunger

While most people commit to making a fresh start in the New Year, too many hungry children in Washington will still go to bed with an empty stomach.

Economic uncertainty and the rising cost of living have more and more families facing food insecurity. Many of these families are just barely ineligible for Washington State’s Basic Food Program (food stamps), yet they still struggle to put food on the table.  And of those that do qualify, approximately 1/3 won’t take advantage of it, often because they either don’t know they qualify or because the assistance amount itself is so low (the average is only $1.04 per person per meal), they don’t see it being worth the social stigma.

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Childhood Hunger Continues to Rise - Help us Feed Children

Every parent knows that a hungry child is a disadvantaged child. Without proper nutrition he can’t grow and learn like other kids. She complains of headaches, stomachaches and other ailments. He can’t seem to get along with other kids or focus in school. Children who are poorly nourished suffer up to 160 days of illness each year. Poor nutrition plays a role in at least half of the 10.9 million child deaths each year-five million deaths.

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