A Letter to the People of Ballard from Our Founder


If you grew up in Ballard, or have connections to Ballard, I need your help. 72 children in the eight public schools of Ballard are hungry. These are kids from Adams, Whittier, Loyal Heights, West Woodland, Salmon Bay, North Beach, Whitman and Ballard High. These are not nameless, faceless children; these are 72 kids from our community who have either self-identified as being hungry, or have been identified as hungry by school counselors.

A non-profit I started some time ago called Feed Washington is working in collaboration with the Ballard Food Bank to make sure these kids have enough to eat after school and on weekends. To provide these kids the food they need requires a recurring, monthly donation stream of $1,850. Feed Washington currently has a $1,566 recurring, monthly donation stream that has been dedicated to the hungry kids of Ballard, so we are only about $300 in recurring donations short of what it will take to ensure no kid in Ballard goes hungry during the school year (Note: we’re tackling the school year first and will work on the summer next).

Please help me solve this for these kids, once and for all, with a viral campaign over the next two days. There is no reason why we can’t make this happen this weekend. Please share this message with anyone you know that lives in Ballard, as well as with anyone you know that is an alumnus of any of the Ballard schools, no matter where in the world they live.

What, specifically, am I asking of you? Just give the recurring amount you won’t notice on your monthly credit card statement. Don’t give until it hurts; just give what you won’t notice. It could be $1, $5 or $20 or any amount in between. You can make your donation here: https://feedwashington.securesites.net/donation/

In my 48 years on this planet I haven’t come across many societal problems that have actually been solved. The same wars, fears, diseases, and financial pressures I observed as a kid are still prevalent today. We have an opportunity here, with childhood hunger, to actually solve something. And the steps are easy: 1) we identify the hungry kids (done); 2) we find the people who can get food to those kids (done); and 3) we create a recurring donation stream to make sure there is food available to those kids on an ongoing basis (almost done). And once we’re finished in Ballard, Feed Washington is going to take the same model to the Lake Washington School District where there are 450 kids who need our help.

Let’s get this done, my friends. Who’s in?